Restaurants & Cafe
Where guests will enjoy a diversity of well balanced food covering the right needs and wishes of all ages and tastes and will be taken to a culinary journey with the pleasure of testing new dishes,rich in taste and originality.

“The Skipper” restaurant serving breakfast, lunch and dinner as per your booking formula Including a culinary delight a la carte was created for whenever huger or a sweet tooth may strike full of salads, starters, pasta, sandwiches, grill, main courses, desserts and fruits.

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Bars & Cafe

“Sun- Sea” Beach Bar serving a line of hard or soft refreshments prepared at your wish.
“The Skipper Bar” for an unlimited choice of cocktails, traditional hard or soft drinks and juices.

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The “Pirates social leisure club and cafe” where you can pamper yourself by simply lazing around while enjoying a large variety of hot and cold drinks and the famous Egyptian chicha with its mouth watering array of flavours.

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